Interview with Peruvian expat Tony Arestegui Bereche in Estonia

interview with Tony Arestegui Bereche living in Estonia

Today’s interview is with Tony Arestegui Bereche, a Peruvian expat who is living in Estonia.  Tony Arestegui Bereche is a chef, a host with the most, wine bar owner, entrepreneur, Dad, and an expat that has called Estonia home for 20 years.

What originally brought you to Estonia and where are you from?
I originally came because I was working on a cargo ship where I worked as a navigation officer, I am from Peru.

What were the reasons that made you want to relocate to Estonia?
I fell in love while here and stayed because of my kids.

Did you experience or how much of a culture shock was it for you to move here?
Shock in weather (mostly), I couldn’t understand how people can survive in such a frozen country, also people don’t express themselves here very well. Maybe after a lot of alcohol, helps with the cold too haha.

What are some of your favourite spots in Tallinn?
My wine bar, Pan Y Vino of course!!!

How would you describe Estonia as a country, and Estonians?
Estonia is a young country (still) with lots of expectations, but (they have) made a lot of good changes and have become better organised during the time that I am been here.
Estonians are quiet, they keep all their emotions inside, it is rare (for them) to bring their emotions out, maybe with a couple of wines! They are also always on time.

How is it to live here and does it feel like home now?
To live in other country is not about the place, but about (you) as a person, how well you can integrate into that society learning their rules, their language and customs. Yes, I feel like home here!

What is your favourite Estonian word or words and why?
‘Loomulikult’ (naturally), I use it all the time or maybe ‘ma ei viitsi’, I still don’t really understand the meaning!
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