Kai Art Center opens

Gallery: Kai Art Center opens in former submarine factory

Kai Art Center opened in a former submarine factory in Tallinn’s Noblessneri sadam (Port Noblessner) on Friday. The new center will be the first permanent home for Estonian contemporary art. A week before the official opening, ERR News went to speak to center director Karin Laansoo about what Kai will offer to artists, the public, and why the redevelopment of the area is “like reclaiming a piece of Tallinn.”

cooperation, education

Estonia, Serbia seeking cooperation in education

The Estonian minister of education and research, Mailis Reps, and the Serbian minister of education, science and technological development, Mladen Sarcevic, will meet in Tallinn on Thursday to discuss cooperation possibilities in education and research between the two countries.

Explore Estonian Culture

Explore Estonian culture

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