• Kai Art Center opens

    Kai Art Center opened in a former submarine factory in Tallinn’s Noblessneri sadam (Port Noblessner) on Friday. The new center will be the first permanent home for Estonian contemporary art. A week before the official opening, ERR News went to speak to center director Karin Laansoo about what Kai will offer to artists, the public, and why the redevelopment of the area is “like reclaiming a piece of Tallinn.”

  • 1st KFC restaurant in Tallinn

    Apollo Group development manager Mauri Dorbek said that the first new concept KFC restaurant was opened by Apollo Group, which acquired the KFC franchise in the Baltics at the beginning of 2019, in the Akropole mall in Riga in August. He said the new KFC restaurant in the capital of Latvia has proved immensely popular.

  • Brexit end up cost Estonian businesses

    The Tax and Customs Board urges Estonian companies to prepare for a hard Brexit that would bring customs fees and new certificates. Aircraft interiors maker Magnetic MRO has had enough of uncertainty. “Deal or no deal, we have made our decision and the train has left the station,” said CEO Risto Mäeots.

  • energy cooperation US and Estonia

    Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas at a meeting of the energy ministers of the United States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in Vilnius on Sunday said that in the coming decades, there will be a great deal of work to move towards a climate neutral economy, and mutual cooperation in terms of both knowledge and technological solutions will be important.

  • interview with Michelle Bell living in Estonia

    Today’s interview is with Michelle Bell, an American  expat who is living in Estonia.  American globetrotter and blogger Michelle Bell is a ‘mother’ of two dogs, a fairly recent arrival to Estonia and has likely appeared in numerous tourist photo albums while walking her dogs in Kadriorg Park.

  • interview with Travis Beswick living in Estonia

    Today’s interview is with Travis Beswick, an Australian expat who is living in Estonia.  Hailing from ‘a land down under’, Travis Beswick is a father of two, enjoys building things and apparently prefers his fish frozen.

  • pharmacist. digital prescription, medication

    Finns have been able to buy drugs in Estonia based on a digital prescription since late January this year, and so far have made use of this option on 3,664 occasions.

  • education, bachelor's degrees, Estonia

    Changes in the law will see bachelor’s degrees awarded to graduates of professional or vocational subjects. Previously such studies had culminated in a diploma of higher education.

  • japan, students, visas

    The Estonian government at its Thursday sitting endorsed a draft agreement whereby Estonia and Japan would be able to issue to young people of ages 18-30.

  • cooperation, education

    The Estonian minister of education and research, Mailis Reps, and the Serbian minister of education, science and technological development, Mladen Sarcevic, will meet in Tallinn on Thursday to discuss cooperation possibilities in education and research between the two countries.

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